The My Here Program

 The My Here Program wants to encourage more people to engage in the creative process. Creativity is now open to everyone. It starts now. We’re getting rid of the rules, of the labels, any questions. We’re keeping all the magic it holds and it’s ready for you. In fact, you’ve been part of the creative process for a long time now. It’s time you shared it. Read on and click button at bottom of page for details about times and locations.  

If you’ve been moved, touched, inspired or motivated by any creative effort whether it’s yours or the work of somebody else – you’re being creative. If you love what you do you’re being creative. As we see it, by finding some sense of wonder no matter where it comes from is being creative. Such things are a special place for us. They are what this program calls a My Here. They are as individual and unique as we are and they are where we go to refresh, to regain our strength. The next step is share it. You don’t need any credentials or certification to do that. You got this far without them. 

The My Here Program is creating a series of informal meetings we call My Here gatherings. A chance to share ideas and the personal wonder we get, be it through music, the written word, the performing arts. Share the wonder we get from the work we do or hope to do. From an issue, topic, or cause we feel strongly about. A My Here gathering is sharing the wonder. 

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