The my here program

Additional Information

The My Here Program is a way to ease into the creative process if you’re a beginner. Find ideas to help you take the next step and further challenge yourself. Each gathering is created around that group’s shared point of inspiration, their My Here. 

JOIN THE PROGRAM. Email us at to get information and to RSVP for scheduled My Here gatherings. Receive updates on new ones as they are created. For questions or to discuss holding sessions for your group contact Dennis Jones, Director. or call 314-368-4551. 

There are two scheduled My Here gatherings. Others are being planned. 

My Playlist, My Here 

If you love listening to songs, join us and share your favorites. 

My words, My Here  

What have you read, maybe written? Share it with us.  

My Playlist, My Here

Starts March 14th. Every Thursday 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Thomas Dunn Learning Center 

3113 Gasconade, St. Louis, MO 63118

Anyone interested in attending submits a list of 5 songs they want to share a few days before the scheduled time. That will be each person’s playlist. We assemble the songs for each playlist before the meeting. Songs are played from each playlist during the session. 

Title of the song and the singer or group performing is projected on a screen. The person can add their own comments about the song such as what it means to them, if it motivated them to do something. If lyrics are important, part of those can be displayed during the song. 

Begin can add visuals, still images as a dramatic backdrop. There’s a variety of additions that can be created to further the experience. These session like other My Here sessions start simple. They aren’t a course or lecture. A My Playlist, My Here session is for anyone who prefers music over watching TV. It is a personal sense of wonder for them and perhaps in this busy world of ours, have wanted to share it with others. Wonder is contagious. It travels in mysterious ways. 

Flyers will be available with each person’s song list and a picture of them. Afterward members gather and mingle and meet each other. 

My Words, My Here 

For anyone who has found a My Here in the written word and wants to share it. It can be something heard along the way or something they wrote or was written by someone else. It might not qualify a participant as a published author but what’s important is they now have something to say. They are participating in the creative process. Even a few words can become a theme that can be personalized and reinforced in a hundred ways. 

There is a variety of ways the examples participants submitted can be presented during the meeting. You choose which option you prefer. At the end of the gathering people mingle and mix to share ideas. Collaborations on new ideas are possible. 

Until an exact date, time and location is set, email us if you wish to attend this gathering. We’ll also send you information on how to supply us your submissions before the meeting. 

My Remote, My Popcorn, My Here

What movie, TV show, documentaries gave you a sense of awe, made you laugh. What are the parts you keep repeating to friends and they’re tired of hearing it again and again, This is your chance to start anew with a new crowd. We’d love to hear all about them. 

Send that stuff to us and we’ll arrange to present it at the gathering.