Creativity Workshop

When shared, learning is a never ending form of collaboration.

This workshop will attempt to explain the creative process through live presentation and video. But it’s easy to talk about creativity, it’s much harder to do something creative, something new, something original. In other words – have an idea. The Exercises section is where you’ll learn by doing, to be more creative, be more imaginative. We’ll help you ease into the creative process. Do certain tasks that let you exercise your creative muscles. By working on a series of tasks, when attempted a few times in various ways, you will learn how to produce something creative, imaginative, if not truly original. 

Be part of something that can change why we create.

Workshop includes three weekly  sessions. Fee is $10 for all sessions. Each is about 2 hours long. Contact us for locations and times. We'll hold a workshop anytime for groups of 5 or more. 

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